Eighth Generation

3764. Reverend Roy Lincoln McQuiston was born in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. He received a B.A. degree in Geneva College. He was ordained in Baden, Pennsylvania. Roy has reference number 241/1576(19-195).

Reverend Roy Lincoln McQuiston and Bessie Charlotte Cahall were married in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Bessie Charlotte Cahall was born on 19 January 1892 in Burrville, Maryland. Bessie Cahall, is of Scotch descent, her mother being born on the Isle of Mull. She has reference number RM 2223.

Reverend Roy Lincoln McQuiston-2209 and Bessie Charlotte Cahall-2223 had the following children:



Bettie Antoinette McQuiston was born in Harmarville, Pennsylvania. She has reference number 1583/241/654(19i-196).



Roy Lincoln McQuiston Jr. was born in Harmarville, Pennsylvania. He has reference number 1584/241/1576(19ii-196).



Winnifred Ruth McQuiston was born in Baden, Pennsylvania. She has reference number 1585/241/1576(19iii-196).