Eighth Generation

3756. Donald Archibald McQuiston was born in Pueblo, Colorado.3117 He has reference number 207/1543(12i-193).

Donald Archibald McQuiston and Dorothy Elnor Knox were married in Pasadena, California. Dorothy Elnor Knox was born on 6 July 1900 in Pierre, South Dakota. She died on 5 April 1951 at the age of 50 in Turlock, Stanislaus County, California.

Donald Archibald McQuiston-2189 and Dorothy Elnor Knox-2191 had the following children:



Patricia McQuiston-6214.



Elsie Emily McQuiston-6215.



Donald Knox McQuiston-6117.

Donald Archibald McQuiston and Ernestine were married. Ernestine was born in December 1906 in Sacramento, California. She has reference number RM 6216.

Donald Archibald McQuiston-2189 and Ernestine -6216 had the following children:



Jack Harry McQuiston-6217.

Donald Archibald McQuiston and Gloria were married. Gloria was born in San Francisco, California.

Donald Archibald McQuiston and Jennie Marie Nilsen were married in Yuma, Arizona. Jennie Marie Nilsen was born in Dockton, Washington.