Fifth Generation

304. John McQuiston was born on 27 June 1812 in Derry Township, Westmoreland County, Pennsylvania. Name moved place date.549 John and his wife, Eliza moved to Allen County, Indiana. He lived in Washington County, Indiana in 1885 549 He died on 10 March 1898 at the age of 85 in Indiana. John has reference number (135-243).

John McQuiston and Eliza Rodgers were married on 17 November 1836 in Wayne County, Ohio.550 Couple celebrated their value date place.551 John and Eliza celebrated their 61st wedding anniversary. Their son Lieutenant Charles McQuiston of Fort Sheridan was present. Eliza Rodgers, daughter of Benjamin Rodgers and Elizabeth McGee, was born on 16 September 1816 in near Wheeling, West Virginia.550 She moved at an early age, with her parents, to Ohio. Name moved place date.550 She died on 2 February 1907 at the age of 90 in Fort Wayne, Allen County, Indiana.550 Eliza's death was due to paralysis, from which she had suffered for three years, during which time she had been unable to walk. She "was a most estimable woman, widely and favorably known, and was a member of the Presbyterian church."

She is buried on the family cemetery of David McQuistion, her father-in-law.

John McQuiston-2079 and Eliza Rodgers-2087 had the following children:



Jane McQuiston was born on 16 October 1837 in Washington Township, Allen County, Indiana. She lived in Fort Wayne, Allen County, Indiana in 1910 551 Jane lived with her brother William Henry, until his death. She died on 6 February 1916 at the age of 78. Jane has reference number (135i-243).



Levi McQuiston was born on 13 May 1839 in Washington Township, Allen County, Indiana. He died on 19 September 1839 at the age of 0. He has reference number (135ii-243).



William Henry McQuiston-2094.



Sarah Ann McQuiston was born on 27 March 1842 in Washington Township, Allen County, Indiana. She died on 23 June 1848 at the age of 6 in Washington Township, Allen County, Indiana. She has reference number (135iv-243).



Wilson McQuiston-2096.



Allen Perry McQuiston was born on 17 December 1845 in Washington Township, Allen County, Indiana. He on a prospecting trip on 25 January 1884 in the Wyoming Territory.552 He died on 20 September 1918 at the age of 72. Allen has reference number (135vi-243).



Benjamin McQuiston-7878.



Edward Leonard McQuiston-5962.



Charles McQuiston-11455.



Franklin McQuiston was born on 1 September 1861 in Allen County, Indiana.551,553 He died of a "stroke of apoplexy" on 2 April 1917 at the age of 55 in Kalso, British Columbia.551 Published in the Fort Wayne Sentinel, 10 April 1917:


Not Heard From In That Time Until Telegram Comes Telling Of Death


Body of Franklin McQueston is brought here from British Columbia

Franklin McQuiston, 55 years old, left Fort Wayne thirty-five years ago to take up a claim in the west. He never wrote back home to friends or relatives, and nothing more was heard from him until five years later, when he visited his brother, Lieut. Charles McQuiston, who was stationed at Fort Sherman, Idaho. After leaving his brother at Fort Sheridan, he has not been seen or heard from by any of his relatives until a few days ago when a telegram was received from Kaslo, British Columbia, telling of his death.

McQuiston's body arrived in Fort Wayne Tuesday after being brought from British Columbia, a distance of two thousand miles. Death took place on April 2, and was due to a stroke of apoplexy.

Relatives of the deceased had long since given McQuiston up for dead. It has been said that no one can get so far away but that he will not meet somebody he knows, but this was not so in the case of the deceased. Years ago his brothers conducted a diligent search for him, but without success. Finally no further effort was given because it seemed useless. All hope of ever hearing from him again had been abandoned long ago.


McQuiston was born in Washington Township, the son of John and Eliza McQuiston. He secured his education in the schools of Fort Wayne. When a young man he left for the west, accompanied by Andy Thumb, Warren Archer and Ed Pfieffer. Thumb and Archer have since died. Pfieffer returned to Fort Wayne, and is still living here. The four young men were soon separated after reaching the west 35 years ago.

The deceased is survived by four brothers. Wilson, Telexico, Ca.; Edward L. Humanville, Mo.; Allen O. and Benjamin of this city. Funeral services Thursday afternoon at 1 p.m. in the home of the brother, Benjamin McQuiston, 1803 Spy Run Ave. Rev. Arthur J. Folson Pastor of Plymouth Congregational Church officiating. Interment at Huntertown Cemetery.