Seventh Generation

2073. Donald Edgar Whitman was born on 8 May 1908 in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.1,69 He died on 8 October 1985 at the age of 77 in Erie, Pennsylvania.1,69 He has reference number RM 2061. LBM 131iii-241

Donald Edgar Whitman and Doris June London were married.1,69 Doris June London, daughter of Vernon Herbert London and Anna Olivette Woodward, was born in Erie, Pennsylvania.1,69

Donald Edgar Whitman-2061 and Doris June London-21107 had the following children:



Deborah Whitman-21108.

Donald Edgar Whitman and Kathryn Lind were married. Kathryn Lind2267 was born about 1909. She has reference number RM 32106.

Donald Edgar Whitman-2061 and Kathryn Lind-32106 had the following children:



Donald Edgar Whitman III-32107.