Sixth Generation

849. Nettie Bell McQuiston was born on 19 February 1878 in Emlemton, Pennsylvania.1,69 She died on 24 February 1963 at the age of 85 in Erie, Pennsylvania.1,69 She has reference number RM 2034. LBM 131-241 Nettie Bell McQuistion and Charles Whitman lived in Erie, Pennsylvania.

Nettie Bell McQuiston and Charles S. Whitman were married on 20 April 1904.69 Charles S. Whitman, son of Robert B. Whitman and Ann Connell, was born on 28 July 1872 in Corry, Pennsylvania.1,69 He died on 8 May 1927 at the age of 54 in Erie, Pennsylvania.1,69

Nettie Bell McQuiston-2034 and Charles S. Whitman-2058 had the following children:



Anna W. Whitman was born. She has reference number (131i-241).



Mathilda Townsend Whitman was born. She has reference number (131ii-241).



Donald Edgar Whitman-2061.