Sixth Generation

807. Hiram McQuiston was born on 4 June 1847 in Scrubgrass, Venango County, Pennsylvania. He served in the military Union Army Civil War. He volunteered for service and was in the 16th Pennsylvania Cavalry. His great toe was shot off accidently and sent home on furlough. By the time he was well, the war was ended. He died on 14 February 1867 at the age of 19 in Pennsylvania. He was accidentally shot and killed while scuffling with a brother-in-law for possession of a rifle, which another brother-in-law had hidden, while the two were puttine up a mark at which to shoot. He is buried in the family cemetery on the old Homestead in Pennsylvania. Hiram has reference number 859(115-236).

Hiram McQuiston and Jane Weston were married. Jane Weston (private).