Fifth Generation

184. Catherine McCuistion was born on 18 January 1799 in Jefferson County, Tennessee. She died on 24 January 1886 at the age of 87. She was buried in Long Creek Cemetery, Jefferson County, Tennessee. Catherine has reference number (11-384).

Catherine McCuistion and Thomas Mansfield were married in Jefferson County, Tennessee.118,379 Thomas Mansfield (private).

Catherine McCuistion-19597 and Thomas Mansfield-19639 had the following children:



Andrew Mansfield (private).



Thomas Mansfield was born on 14 January 1838. He died on 27 April 1865 at the age of 27. Leona states, a cemetery stone bearing this inscription, "Thomas M., son of T. & C. Mansfield. Born Jan. 14, 1838. Lost in Mississippi River, Apr 27, 1865." was found in the cemetery.