Sixth Generation

772. Jackson Clendenin McQuiston was born on 11 December 1830 in Indiana County, Pennsylvania. He Guardian appointed, his mother Jane Doty on 14 March 1843. He served in the military Union Army during the Civil War in Peru, Indiana. He enlisted in the 13th Regt. and served as as a private in Co B, Infantry. Jackson was a prison at Andersonville. Jackson died on 30 August 1864 at the age of 33 in Andersonville, Georgia. He was a prisoner in Libby and Andersonville prisons during the Civil War. He died as a result of diarrhea in Andersonville prison and is buried in Marietta, Georgia. He has reference number 649(14-193).

Jackson Clendenin McQuiston and Maria C. Stevick were married in 1850. Maria C. Stevick was born on 23 December 1832. She died on 23 December 1899 at the age of 67.

Jackson Clendenin McQuiston-1880 and Maria C. Stevick-2194 had the following children:



James Reuben Doty McQuiston-2195.



William McQuiston-2196.



Ann Elizabeth McQuiston-2197.



Charles McQuiston-2198.



Mary Eleanor McQuiston-2199.



Emma McQuiston-2200.



Nellie G. McQuiston was born on 18 November 1864. She died on 24 December 1887 at the age of 23. She has reference number 649(4vii-194).