Second Generation

3. Thomas McCuistion was born about 1704 in Ireland.11 He immigrated on 6 August 1735 to New Castle, Delaware.3,17 Thomas emigrated to Newcastle, Deleware, possibly from Paisley, Renfrewshire, Scotland. Name moved place date.11,18 With his two brothers, Robert and Thomas; James was a member of the Nottingham Colony; moving to North Carolina. Thomas moved from Pennsylvania to North Carolina about the same time as his brother, James.

He was located on the headwaters of North Buffalo, and was a neighbor of Dr. Caldwell. He owned 640 acres of land on 3 December 1753 in Rowan County, North Carolina.5 These sections of land were not purchased but were rather like perpetual leases with a nominal initial payment and an annual rent of three shillings per 100 acres. The land located in Rowan County (Guilford County was formed in 1771), North Carolina was settled by December 1953. Thomas died about 1758 at the age of 54 in North Carolina.11 He has reference number (1-298).

Thomas McCuistion and Jane were married about 1730.11,19 Jane died on 5 December 1800 in Guilford County, North Carolina.19 She was buried in Guilford County, North Carolina.19 Jane is buried in the old plantation burying ground.

Thomas McCuistion-1856 and Jane -16703 had the following children:



James McCuistion18 was born (date unknown).



Thomas McCuistion18 was born (date unknown).



John McCuistion18 was born (date unknown).