Fourth Generation

89. David McQuiston was born in 1784 in Westmoreland County, Pennsylvania. He Elected County Commissioner of the Whig ticket in 1840 in Perry Township, Allen County, Indiana. He died on 23 July 1877 at the age of 93 in Perry Township, Allen County, Indiana. Buried in cemetery of Presbyterian Church, one mile east of Huntertown, Indiana. David has reference number 627(134-242). He served in the military War of 1812.

David McQuiston and Jane McDonald were married in 1810. Jane McDonald, daughter of John McDonald and Jane Wilson, was born in 1789 in York County, Pennsylvania. She died in March 1875 at the age of 86 in Perry Township, Allen County, Indiana.

David McQuiston-1854 and Jane McDonald-2078 had the following children:



John McQuiston-2079.



James McQuiston-2080.



Isabella McQuiston-2081.



David McQuiston Jr. was born in 1821. He died on 2 January 1886 at the age of 65. He has reference number 627(134iv-243). David McQuiston, Jr., a maternal cousin named Eby and a Mr. Anderson, drove a yoke of oxen to California at the gold fever time.



Jane Elizabeth McQuiston-2083.



Nancy McQuiston was born in 1824. She died in 1875 at the age of 51. She has reference number 627(134vi-243).



Wilson McQuiston was born in 1827. He died in 1843 at the age of 16. He has reference number 627(134vii-243).



Sarah Ann McQuiston was born on 12 February 1830. Name moved place date.184 She moved to Allen County "with her parents, David and Jan McQuiston when Allen County was barely more then a wilderness." She died on 17 March 1913 at the age of 83 in Perry Township, Allen County, Indiana.184 Sarah died at her farm home North of the City as a result of an attack of pneumonia from which she had been suffering a month. She has reference number 627(134viii-243).