Fifth Generation

183. James McCuistion was born on 20 December 1796 in Jefferson County, Tennessee. Name obtained avalue date place371 He owned Farm before 1843 in Jefferson County, Tennessee. He and the other heirs sold their interests in the farm. Name obtained avalue date place372 James and his second wife, Elizabeth, were maried by James F. Gees, M. G.. On 18 October 1850 he was a laborer in Jefferson County, Tennessee.373 James died on 3 October 1871 at the age of 74. He was buried in Long Creek Cemetery. He has reference number RM 18031 - LBM 2-382.

James McCuistion and Elizabeth Grissam obtained a marriage license on 26 January 1819 in Dandridge, Jefferson County, Tennessee.374 They374 were married on 26 January 1819 in Jefferson County, Tennessee.118,375 James and Elizabeth were married by Duke Kimbrough. Elizabeth Grissam376, daughter of Thompson Thomas Grisham and Katie Vaughn, was born in 1795 in Jefferson County, Tennessee.376 One source spells the last name of Elizabeth as Grisham vice Grizzam.

James McCuistion-18031 and Elizabeth Grissam-18032 had the following children:



Columbus McCuistion was born in 1819. He died in young manhood. He has reference number (2i-382).



Isabella McCuistion was born in 1821. She died young. She has reference number (2ii-382).



Levina E. McCuistion-19609.



Mary Jane McCuistion-19610.



James Thompson McCuistion-18034.



Adaline McCuistion-19611.



Rebecca McCuistion-19612.



William C. McCuistion was born about 1836 in Tennessee.373 He appeared in the census on 18 October 1850 in Jefferson County, Tennessee.373 William is living in the home of his father. He has reference number RM 19613 - LBM 2viii-382.



Joseph A. M. McCuistion-19614.

James McCuistion and Elizabeth Davis obtained a marriage license on 31 October 1849 in Jefferson County, Tennessee.377 James Fuller was the county clerk. They377 appeared in the census on 18 October 1850 in Jefferson County, Tennessee.373 Elizabeth Davis was born in 1822 in North Carolina.378 She has reference number RM 18033.

James McCuistion-18031 and Elizabeth Davis-18033 had the following children:



Sarah Sophronia McCuistion-19615.



Samuel Alexander Fillmore "SAM" McCuistion-18324.