Third Generation

14. Levina McCuistion was born on 22 May 1742 in North Carolina.8,15,61 She died in 1807 at the age of 65.2 Terry research reveals Lavinia died in October 1804 at Mill Creek, Davidson County, Tennessee. He also adds the Texas DAR member book lists her birthplace as Frederick County, Virginia and death date as 1807. She has reference number (1vii-330). Levina served in the military in Revolutionary War.2,62 Lavinia is credited with moulding bullets for the Americans during the Revolutionary War, for which she was abused by the British when her project was discovered.

Levina McCuistion and Major John Nelson were married on 19 June 1764 in Rowan County, North Carolina.10,62,63 Major John Nelson was born in 1749 in Guilford County, North Carolina.63,64 Marnette Click, indicates John Nelson was born in Rockingham County, North Carolina. He served in the military between 1780 and 1783 in North Carolina.62 John was taken prisoner at Charleston, South Carolina on 12 May 1780. He was exchanged in March 1781 and transferred to North Carolina Regiment in February 1782. He retired 1 January 1783. He died in 1785 at the age of 36 in Rockingham County, North Carolina.61,63,65

Levina McCuistion-180 and Major John Nelson-187 had the following children:



Sarah Nelson-10612.



Jane Nelson-10613.



Elizabeth Nelson-10614.



Moses Andrew Nelson-10615.



John Nelson-10616.



Nancy Nelson-10617.



Lavinia Nelson-10618.