Third Generation

13. Sarah McCuistion was born on 12 April 1739 in North Carolina.8 She died on 24 February 1822 at the age of 82 in Rowan Co., North Carolina.57 Buried in the Plantation graveyard, sometimes called "Old Gibson", in Salisbury, Rowan County, North Carolina. She has reference number (1vi-330).

Sarah McCuistion and Walter "Reedy Fork Walter" McCuiston were married on 27 January 1768 in North Carolina.11 Walter McCuiston and Sarah McCuistion are first cousins. Walter "Reedy Fork Walter" McCuiston57, son of Robert McCuiston and Ann Denny, was born on 3 March 1743 in Pennsylvania.57,58 Name moved place date.11 Walter moved to North Carolina with his father. He was a revoluntionary war patriot in Guilford County, North Carolina.59 Walter supplied some of the needs of the revoluntionary war army. He provided 13 baskets of corn, but whether for man or beast is unknown. He signed a will on 30 June 1822 in Guilford County, North Carolina.60 In the name of God amen. I Walter McCuistion of the County of Guilford + State of North Carolina being of sound + perfect mind & memory (Blefsed be God) And knowing that it is appointed for all man once to die, do this 30th of June in the year of our Lord One Thousand Eight Hundred & twenty Two. make + publish this my last will + Testament in manner following that is today.

First I Give + bequeath my Soul to God that gave it & my body to the care of my Executors to be buried by them in a decent & Christian like manner.

Second I Give + bequeath to my beloved son Thomas McCuistion the tract-of-land that I now live on /that is to say/ to have full pofefsion of it at my death, to him + his heirs <court> afsignees to hold the same forever.

Third I Give + bequesth to my beloved son Robert McCuistion one Walnut chest & my family Bible.

Fourth I Give + bequeath to my
Grandaughter Levina McCuistion my Household furniture at my death.

Fifth I Give + bequeath to my Grand daughter Jane Johnson One large dutch Oven

Sixth I Give + bequeath to my Grandson Walter Johnson One bay <horse> Calf now two years old, at my death.

Seventh I Give + bequeath to my son Thomas McCuistion at my death my Waggon + <Giars> + farming tools, + all other property not disposed of at my death.

And I hereby make + Ordain Thomas McCuistion my son + William McCuistion executors, of this my last Will + Testament. In witnefs whereof I the said Walter McCuistion have to this my last Will + Testament, set my hand + seal, the day + year written signed, sealed, published + diated by the said Walter McCuistion this <Testator>, as his last Will + Testament in the presence of us who were presents at the time of signing + sealing thereof

James McNairy Walter McCuistion
Edmund Bowman Reedy Fork Walter died on 15 October 1825 at the age of 82 in Rowan Co., North Carolina.11 He signed a will on 7 November 1825 in Guilford County, North Carolina.60 State of North Carolina
Guilford County's November Seven 1825.

The Execution of the foregoing Will was duly proven in Open Court by James McNairy + Edmond Bowman Subscribing Witnefes. Ordered to be Recorded. Then came in Thomas McCuiston One of the Executors appointed in said Will + qualified__
William MCuiston the Other Executor + renounced his right of Executorship.

Jno Hannen CCC He has reference number RM 186. GKM 613 - LBM 153-250

Sarah McCuistion-179 and Walter "Reedy Fork Walter" McCuiston-186 had the following children:



Robert "Reedy Fork Bob" McCuiston-721.



Jane McCuiston was born on 17 May 1771 in North Carolina.58



Thomas "Reedy Fork Tom" McCuiston-722.



Ruthia McCuiston was born on 9 April 1775.57,58 She has reference number 613(153iii-250).



James McCuiston was born on 25 February 1777.58 He has reference number 613(153iv-250).



Levina McCuiston-725.