Third Generation

12. James McCuistion was born on 12 April 1737 in America.8,15,52 In the memorandum from James's great-grandnephew, he writes the date of birth as 12 March 1735. He owned 353 acre Grant of Land in 1762 in Guilford County, North Carolina.53 In 1764, James sold this property to Robert McCuiston of Cumberland County, Pennsylvania. He owned 420 acre Grant of Land in 1765 in Guilford County, North Carolina.10,53 James received this land through his father's will. 5 October 1769, James sold 20 acres to John McCuistion, the husband of his sister, Dorcas. On 9 July 1777, James sold 50 acres of this tract to Thomas Lindsey. 12 April 1783, James sold a plot 'to the relations' for a burying-ground; this burying ground is often refered to as the "Old Gibson" Cemetery.

James and Catherine, on 18 December 1788, then sold 60 acres of land to Edward Holland, by this time, James and Catherine were in Jefferson County, Tennessee (originally Green County, North Carolina). After this point, there is no definite trail of James and Catherine McCuistion. James owned 100 acres in 1765 in Guilford County, North Carolina.53 James, also received this from his father. James and Catherine sold this land to John Clark, 9 October 1772. He Fighting in North Carolina.11 James was tried in the Buffalo Church for fighting and volunteered to withdraw his membership. Name moved place date.11 James and Catherine located to Green County, North Carolina; which later became Dandridge in Jefferson County, Tennessee, before 1788. He died on 21 September 1812 at the age of 75 in Dandridge, Jefferson County, Tennessee.54,55 The bible records indicate James's date of death is 24 September. James was buried at Revolutionary War Cemetery in Dandridge, Jefferson County, Tennessee. He has reference number RM 178. LBM 128-377 James, with his brother Gustavus, began the McCuistion migration to Tennessee in 1783.

James McCuistion and Catherine Jane Tennant were married about 1758.54 Catherine Jane Tennant54 died on 9 March 1813 in Dandridge, Jefferson County, Tennessee.54,56 She was buried at Revolutionary War Cemetery in Dandridge, Jefferson County, Tennessee. She has reference number RM 185. Descendants of Catherine Jane believe her last name may have been Tennant; this is speculation and not proven as yet. Catherine's gravestone has the initials "CCM". This could indicate her maiden name began with a "C".

James McCuistion-178 and Catherine Jane Tennant-185 had the following children:



Thomas McCuistion was born after 1759 in Guilford County, North Carolina.54



James McCuistion Jr.-12050.



Andrew McCuistion-10935.



Robert McCuistion-10350.



Joseph McCuistion-12051.



David McCuistion-12049.



Rebecca McCuistion-21685.