Third Generation

10. Gustavus McCuistion was born on 21 May 1733 in Ireland.8,15,21 Name moved place date.10 He died on 9 December 1793 at the age of 60.21,50 One source lists the date of death as 1805, the other 1783. He has reference number RM 176 - LBM 127-376. Gustavus owned 100 acres of land in North Carolina. Gustavus received this land from his father's, James, will. Gustavus sold the land to his brother-in-law, John Nelson. He owned 220 acres of land in North Carolina. Gustavus, with his brother James, began the McCuistion migration to Tennessee in 1783.

Gustavus McCuistion and Mary were married. Mary (private).

Gustavus McCuistion-176 and Mary -183 had the following children:



James McCuistion-4347.