Third Generation

8. Robert McCuistion14 was born on 1 September 1728 in Ireland.8,21,31 Name moved place date.31 Robert moved to North Carolina with the Nottingham Colony. He owned 640 acres of land on 1 April 1758 in North Carolina.32 Thomas and Ann McCuistion leased and released 640 acres of land to Robert McCuiston. Proved by Thomas Donnell, Esqr. He owned 550 acres on 24 June 1758 in Rowan County, North Carolina.14,33 Robert received this land from his brother, Thomas. "550 acres in Rowan County in the Parish of St Luke on the head branches of N Buffelo (sic) - known (as) Number Twenty Five of the Nottingham Settlement, joining Thomas McCuistion, Thornberrys line, and Emanuel Edwards/ (s) Thos McCuistion Wits: W Churton, John Luckie surveyed 7 August 1756 SCC: Wm Robinson, Thos McCuiston (sic) W Churton Survr Plat reads "...(a tract of land) Surveyed for Robt McCuistion" - grant reads "...(land granted) to Thoams McCuistion." Robert died on 28 September 1760 at the age of 32 in Rowan County, North Carolina.8,15,31 In the memorandum from Robert's great grandnephew, Robert's date of death is 28 September 1768. He has reference number (1i-330) and (2-304). Roberts children are identified in the settlement of James, Sr. estate. They are Moses, Ruth and Jane. Moses guardian was James McCuistion, Sr; until his death, when James, Jr. became Moses guardian. Ruth and Jane's guardian, was their mothers second husband Thomas Blair. This is shown by an entry 6 August 1772, Guilford County, North Carolina Court Records.

Robert McCuistion and Jane Ruth were married in 1754 in possibly Maryland.31 Jane Ruth31, daughter of Moses Ruth and Ester Irwin, was born about 1739 in Hartford County, Maryland.31 She owned land in 1756 in Rowan Co., North Carolina.31,33,34 Moses Ruth bought land for his daughter, Jane. Jane also got a grant of land in her name on 29 July 1760. This land was actually inherited from Robert when he died. Apparently, Robert McCuiston did not perfect the title to the land; so, Lord Granville's land agents would not honor the inheritance by Jane Ruth McCuiston, so she repurchased the land.

"Jane McCuistion Widow (sic) 29 July 1760 700 acres in Rowan County in the Parish of St Luke on the Branches of Deep River and Horspen Creek (called Number Twenty Three), joining Jno McClintock and Richd Williams (signed) Jane McCusten. Wits: W Churton, JS Cuming examined by Tho Jones and W Churton surveyed 10 August 1756 SCC: Thos McCuistion, Wm Robinson W Churton Survr Plat reads "...(the sd land) surveyed for Ruth and Jane McCuistion Orphans of Robert McCuistion Decd."

Soonafter, in 1765, Jane remarried to Thomas Blair, and they sold her grant on 4 February 1765 to her half-brother, James Archer. According to the lawsuit, Moses Ruth attempted to help out with the purchase of the land, and his granddaughters thought the land belonged to them. Jane's daughters, Ruth and Jane filed the law suit against their mother in about 1779, but then dropped the case, and then re-filed the case again in the early 1800s. The lower court ruled in favor of the daughters. The law suit was under appeal in 1819 when Jane Ruth McCuiston Blair died, but the Supreme Court did reverse the ruling of the lower court. She died about 1823 at the age of 84 in Guilford County, North Carolina.35

Robert McCuistion-175 and Jane Ruth-11801 had the following children:



Ruth McCuistion-11804.



Jane McCuistion-11805.



Moses McCuiston-3080.