Fourth Generation

41. John Quincy McCuistion104 was born on 29 July 1774 in Guilford County, North Carolina.8,15,120,121 Name moved place date.97,120 John and his brother, Benjamin came to Tennessee to "take possession of part of 2,626 acres of land which was a grant from the State of North Carolina in 1788 to the eldest brother, James (1758-1826). He signed a will on 23 April 1853 in Bedford County, Tennessee.122 Be it remembered, I John McCuistion of Bedford County Tennessee, Being weak in Body but of Sound mind and memory do make and ordain this my last Will and testament. First - I direct that my funeral expenses and all my Just debts be paid, as Soon after my death as possible out of any money that I may die possessed of or that may first come into the hands of my executors. Secondly - I give and bequeth to my beloved wife during her natural life my dwelling house and all the out Buildings and as much of the cleared land and wood land as She may desire to Support her & her Slaves & Stock &C including all my household & kitchen furniture & farming tools of every description together with all my Stock of every kind or as much of the above property as She may wish to keep for her use. I further give and bequeath to my wife during her life her chose one of my three negro men, Isaac, Abram and Jessee - also my negro Girl Mary and her increase - if any - And it is my will, that as Soon as my wife Shall have taken her Choice of the three negro men above named, the other two Shall be Sold on Such terms as my Executor Shall think best, and the proceeds of such sale to be divided equally amongst my four daughters, now living, To Wit - Susan Young, Nancy McFarlin, Charlotte Lorance and Eliza Robinson. And I also appoint my Executor a trustee for my two Daughters Susan Young and Eliza Robinson to hold in his hands as trustee the portion of my Estate that may be coming to them, and pay the Same to them as their necessities may require, or as he Shall See they need the Same - at all events the protion of my Esate going to them is not to be paid over to either of their husbands, William A. Young or John Robinson - nor is the Same to be subject to any debts or liabilities now existing, or that may hereafter be made to Exist by their said husbands. Thirdly - After the death of my wife, It is my will that the property above bequeathed be sold and divided as follows: first my Grand children the children of my dec'd daughter Jane Robinson is to have each of them 4100 and the remainder to be equally divided between my four Daughters above named ... the portion of Susan Young & Eliza Robinson to be held by my trustee ... if my daughter Eliza Robinson shall out live or survive her husband John Robinson, then her portion of my estate may be paid over to her - But if She should die previous to her husband - then executor shall have the remaining balance of her portion to pay him for his trouble in executing my will & selling my estate. Fourthly - I give to my son Claiborne McCuistion $112 acres of my land to be laid off of the East end of my Tract, by running a line N & S clear across the same. I also give him a negro man Benjamin - But he is to pay back to each of his Sisters above named $100. Susan Young & Eliza Robinson to be paid then as above directed. Fiftly - After the death of my wife - my son James P. is to have the ballance of my land, with the improvements thereon - he is also to have the use and benefit of a protion of the same to cultivate fee from Rent during the lifetime of his mother, so as she has a comfortable maintanance. I also give him a negro man named Andrew, But he is to pay back to each of his Sisters or their children $100 as my son Claiborne is in the above Item. Lastly - I do herby nomnat and appoint my son Claibourne McCuistion my Executor..../S/ John McCuistion.

Wits: Andrew Vannoy, David B. Shriver.

Codicil: My Son Claiborne is to allow to his Brother James a sufficientcy of Cedar timber off from the land bequeathed to him to make 2000 Rails for the use of his part of the land, this 6 June 1853.
He died on 10 May 1854 at the age of 79 in Bedford County, Tennessee.120 John was buried at McCuistion/Robinson Cemetery in Shelbyville, Bedford County, Tennessee.120,123 The McCuistion Cemetery is located on land once part of the McCuistion Plantation. He has reference number RM 167. LBM 97-366 J. H. McCuistion, the grandson, provides the middle name of Quincy.

John Quincy McCuistion and Margaret "Peggy" Ingram were married on 12 May 1806 in Williamson County, Tennessee.120,124 Margaret "Peggy" Ingram118 was born on 11 July 1784 in Tennessee.120 She died on 29 August 1854 at the age of 70 in Bedford County, Tennessee.119,120,125 She was buried at McCuistion/Robinson Cemetery in Shelbyville, Bedford County, Tennessee.119,120,125 The McCuistion Cemetery is located on land once part of the McCuistion Plantation. It is currently developed as a subdivision, with the cemetery being at 106 Laurelwood Rd. Peggy has reference number RM 173.

John Quincy McCuistion-167 and Margaret "Peggy" Ingram-173 had the following children:



Eliza McCuistion-431.



Susan "Sookie" McCuistion-432.



McCuistion was born in 1813. She died in 1813 at the age of 0. She has reference number RM 433 - LBM 97iii-367.



Nancy Jane "Jensey" McCuistion-434.



Jane McCuistion-435.



Claiborne McCuistion-436.



Charlotte "Lottie" McCuistion-437.



James Porter McCuistion-438.