Fourth Generation

39. Robert Newton McCuistion44,106 was born on 2 May 1770 in Guilford County, North Carolina.8,15,43,107 One source lists the date of birth 12 May whereas the other lists 2 May. Name moved place date.106,108 Robert, his young wife Elizabeth, and their youngest son Joshua; came from Tennessee and settled near Easterly, east of Old Franklin. The village became to be called Franklin. He probably went to "Texas through the influence of what was known as the Nashville Colony, one of the early and prominent movements into Texas in the pioneer days." He Voters in November 1838 in Robertson County, Texas.107,109 An effort was made to list the names of settlers in Robertson County, Texas in the first years of its existence; however, a list of voters who went to the polls of Old Franklin in the first election, in November 1838, includes Robert McCuistion. In the listing by the Daughters of the Republic of Texas, Robert is said to be a loyal colonist and financial supporter. He Beef Supplier to Army of the Republic of Texas in 1841 in Texas.110 Robert died on 31 August 1851 at the age of 81 in Franklin, Robertson County, Texas.107,111 He has reference number 3156(78-359). Robert's mother, Ann Moody McCuistion, gave him the little keg of gold coins because, she said, "he has Texas in his blood and he needs an inheritance that he can take to Texas with him." The gold was a family legacy handed down from the McCuistion ancestors and brought to America by Ann Moody McCuistion. Through Ann's lifetime she never used any of the gold and when she died, in 1819, the keg of coins was passed to her son, Robert. After San Jacinto, the Texas Republic was without funds and its only resource was land. The Texas dollar was worthless. Sam Houston knew his only hope to bolster the economy was to exchange public land for gold. To accomplish his purpose, the hero of San Jacinto invited seventeen men to exchange their gold for seemingly worthless land. Robert McCuistion was one of the seventeen men. By their contributions the value of the Texas dollar rose to almost par value on the world market and the Republic was saved. ..."the ten thousand acres of land accepted in exchange for the McCuistion gold remained worthless but Robert never regretted his gift to Texas."
All of Robert's children were born in Davidson and Bedford Counties, Tennessee.
Robert went to Robertson County, Texas in 1835 and established himself at a strong spring of good water, later known as the McCuistion Headwaters. This is near the present village of Easterly.

Robert Newton McCuistion and Charity Dunn were married on 1 July 1799 in Davidson County, Tennessee.112,113 Charity Dunn was born between 1775 and 1780. She died in 1804 at the age of 29.113,114 The original genealogy lists the year of death as 1806.

Robert Newton McCuistion-165 and Charity Dunn-171 had the following children:



Joseph McCuistion-368.



Ann McCuistion-369.



Thomas McCuistion-370.

Robert Newton McCuistion and Elizabeth McQuerter were married in 1807 in Davidson County, Tennessee.107,113 Carleen lists the year of marriage as 1806. Elizabeth McQuerter107, daughter of George Barnett McQuerter and Elizabeth Wahob, was born in 1775 in Western District, Tennessee.107 She died in 1839 at the age of 64 in Franklin, Robertson County, Texas.114 Elizabeth McQuerter is buried in Old Franklin Cemetery, located on Daggett Ranch; 2 miles southwest of Franklin, Texas. She was also known as Elizabeth McQuirta.114 Elizabeth McQuerter is buried in Old Franklin Cemetery, located on Daggett Ranch; 2 miles southwest of Franklin, Texas. Elizabeth has reference number RM 385. Carleen Dagget reports Elizabeth's last name as McWhorter.

Elizabeth McQuerter McCuistion was well educated and her diplomatic qualities can be seen in the fact that she named her first child, being a girl, Charity, after the mother of her three step-children and thereby endeared it to them, closing forever the gap between the two sets of children. She is said to be a financial supporter and loyal colonist, according to the entry in "Founders and Patriots of the Republic of Texas."

Robert Newton McCuistion-165 and Elizabeth McQuerter-385 had the following children:



Charity McCuistion-387.



Sarah McCuistion was born in 1810 in Bedford County, Tennessee. She has reference number 3156(78v-360). Sarah was either married or dead in 1830.



Elizabeth McCuistion was born on 22 June 1812 in Bedford County, Tennessee.115 She died on 3 August 1834 at the age of 22 in Bedford County, Tennessee.115,116 Elizabeth died of Consumption (Tuberculosis). She was buried in Little Cemetery, Rover, Bedford County, Tennessee.115,116 Elizabeth has reference number 3156(78vi-360). Elizabeth was either married or dead in 1830.



Lavinia Jane McCuistion-390.



Rachel McCuistion was born in 1813 in Bedford County, Tennessee. Rachel is the twin sister of Lavinia McCuistion. She has reference number 3156(78viii-360).



James McCuistion-392.



Milly McCuistion-393.



Ann Marjorie (Margaret) McCuistion-394.



Cynthia McCuistion was born in 1819 in Coffee County, Tennessee. She died in 1830 at the age of 11. She has reference number (78xii-361).



Leathea McCuistion was born in 1821 in Coffee County, Tennessee. She has reference number (78xiii-361).



Noah McCuistion-397.



Nancy Agnes McCuistion-398.



Naomi McCuistion-399.



Joshua McCuistion-400.