Fifth Generation

129. Anthony McCuistion was born on 20 October 1800 in Martinsville, Guilford Co., North Carolina.8,232,233 Anthony was born on Monday.

According to "Biographical Souvenir of the State of Texas", 1889, published by F. A. Battey and Company of Chicago; Anthony McCuistion was born in Bedford County, Tennessee. Name moved place date.233 Name moved place date.99,233 In 1839, Major Anthony McCuistion and his brother, Thomas, drove a herd of horses and mules to Texas from their home in Ray county, Missouri. The more direct purpose of the trip was to scout for a new home. Seeing only a small portion of Texas because they found the market for the horses and mules more profitable in Louisiana, the pair took some advice from Texans they met there that San Antonio would be the best area to raise a family and carve out a new living.

Anthony and his family traveled alone, except time to time falling in with one or several wagons, traveling for periods with them down the road toward Fort Smith, Arkansas. Then, they took the old military road through the newly formed Indian Territory, crossing the Red River just past Fort Towson above Jonesboro, San Antonio still the intended location. A friend convinced Anthony and Nancy to settle in western Red River County. He appeared in the census in 1860 in Lamar County, Texas. Anthony's occupation is listed as a farmer in Lamar County, Texas. Nancy, Elisha, Bedford and Harrison are listed with him. He died on 8 June 1881 at the age of 80 in Lamar County, Texas.233,234 One source, Ron Brothers, lists the date of death as 7 June 1881. Anthony was buried after 8 June 1881 in Shady Grove Cemetery, Lamar County, Texas.234 He was a Deputy Sheriff in Bedford County, Tennessee.99,232 In his activities, as deputy sheriff, Anthony became politically involved with some friends that convinced him to assume responsibility for a debt, specifically "surety on an official's bond". One of them defaulted and Anthony was forced to sell six "likely" Negroes and all other holdings, including his home, to make good on the note. He has reference number RM 142.232 LBM 25-342 Anthony served in the military Mormon and Black Hawk wars.232,233 Mitchell served in the Indian Wars of Missouri and Texas. He held the rank of Major during the Black Hawk War.

Anthony McCuistion and Nancy Pollett Winnsett were married on 26 June 1827 in Shelbyville, Bedford County, Tennessee.233,235 Nancy Pollett Winnsett, daughter of Jarman Winnsett and Sarah , was born on 25 March 1808 in Wilson County, Tennessee.236 She died on 13 March 1863 at the age of 54 in Lamar County, Texas.236

Anthony McCuistion-142 and Nancy Pollett Winnsett-151 had the following children:



Mitchell Henderson McCuistion-526.



James Jourdan McCuistion was born on 13 January 1833. He died on 23 January 1833 at the age of 0. He has reference number (25ii-342).



Benjamin Franklin McCuistion-527.



Elisha Hall McCuistion-528.



Bedford Lane McCuistion-529.



Harrison Montgomery McCuistion-530.

Anthony McCuistion and Margaret Caroline McFatter were married on 11 April 1864 in Lamar County, Texas.237 They237 appeared in the census on 28 July 1870 in Lamar County, Texas.238 Margaret Caroline McFatter was born on 21 December 1826 in Tennessee.239 238 She died on 17 December 1903 at the age of 76.234 She was buried after 17 December 1903 in Shady Grove Cemetery, Lamar County, Texas.234 Margaret has reference number RM 154.