Fourth Generation

58. Joseph McCuistion was born on 11 January 1775 in North Carolina.54,55,163,164 Joseph was born on Wednesday morning at 4 o'clock. Name moved place date.163 James moved to Tennessee with his parents, in this state he received a fair education in the common schools. He owned 160 acres of land in 1809 in Tennessee.163 Name obtained avalue date place165 Joseph and Robert McCuistion signed the bond. Name moved place date.163 Joseph sold his land and moved to Bays Mountain. He signed a will on 2 January 1862 in Jefferson County, Tennessee.166 Joseph died on 24 December 1862 at the age of 87 in Bays Mountain, Jefferson County, Tennessee.54,55,163,164 He was buried at Mt. Horeb Cemetery in Jefferson County, Tennessee.54,164 He has reference number RM 12051. LBM 20-386

Joseph McCuistion and Rachel McGuire were married on 24 January 1813 in Jefferson County, Tennessee.54,118 They54,118 appeared in the census on 12 September 1850 in Jefferson County, Tennessee.167 They167 appeared in the census on 6 August 1860 in Jefferson County, Tennessee.168 Rachel McGuire, daughter of Patrick McGuire and Catherine Prigmore, was born on 25 April 1782 in Pennsylvania.55 She died on 12 June 1868 at the age of 86 in Bays Mountain, Jefferson County, Tennessee.55,163,169 She was buried at Mt. Horeb Cemetery in Jefferson County, Tennessee.169 Rachel has reference number RM 12052.169

Joseph McCuistion-12051 and Rachel McGuire-12052 had the following children:



Catherine McCuistion-12056.



James McCuistion-12053.



Elizabeth Jane McCuistion-12055.