Sixth Generation

867. Charles McQuiston was born on 30 September 1858 in Homestead, Allen County, Indiana.1210 He graduated in June 1883 in West Point Academy, West Point, New York. He served in the military U.S. Army in July 1883.1210,1211 Charles joined the Infantry in Nebraska, the year of graduating from the West Point Academy in 1883. Serving with the 4th U.S. Infantry, July 23 1898, he was promoted to Captain, having been recommended for brevet of captain for gallantry in action at El Caney in the Spanish-American War. He served throughout the Cuban Campaign during the Spanish-American War and particularly in the Battles of El Caney and Santiago.

He was awarded the Purple Heart Medal. Charles died on 15 September 1900 at the age of 41 in Bancoor, Luzon, Phillipines Island.184,1210 Charles was killed-in-action while serving during the Insurrection in Luzon, Philippine Islands.

The Fort Wayne Journal Gazette posted the following article, based on a letter to Mrs. Gertrude Wedekind, from Miss Abigail Fitch. Abigail Fitch is the sister of Laura Fitch, Charles's wife:

November 9, 1900



"I suppose you have heard of the tragic death of poor Captain McQuiston. We have now received all the particulars direct from relatives and friends in the Phillipines. Captain McQuiston had been sick for weeks with dengue fever and was entirely alone at his out-of-the-way post; that is no officer was stationed there but himself. He had therefore none to take care of him and moreover no one to relieve him of his work, so he dragged himself about trying to attend to his duties and took enormous doses of quinine to subdue his fever. A wekk before his death he had not slept as the command was nightly expecting an attack by the natives. Now the dengue fever, a native fever, almost always produces delirium; the hospitals in Manila are filled with soldiers crazed with fever. Even Captain McCuiston's wonderful physique could no longer withstand this fever and overwork and suddenly his strngth gave out and he became insane. In his delirium he got his pistol and began shooting at the members of his own command and the men became panic stricken, and having no officer to control them and order them to make a concerted rush upon their insane captain and overposer him, they shot him in the face. It was awful. For hours he had no doctor and had to be carried miles and miles to the nearest post, where a doctor could be found. He died that night. The remains of Captain McQuiston were brought to the United States and several weeks ago were interred in the National Cemetery at Washington D.C. He was buried in Arlington National Cemetery, Arlington, Virginia.1210 Charles is buried in Section 1, in the cemetery. His stone is inscribed with "Gentle, Brave and True of Heart." His wife is buried alongside him.

Charles McQuiston and Laura Forbes Fitch were married on 13 June 1889 in Logansport, Cass County, Indiana.1211 Charles and Laura were married by the Reverend B. F. Miller. Laura Forbes Fitch, daughter of Henry Satterlee Fitch and Ellen Rose Hetzel, was born in July 1863 in Chicago, Illinois.1212 She died on 9 January 1935 at the age of 71 in Dobbs Ferry on Hudson, New York. She was buried in Arlington National Cemetery, Arlington, Virginia.1210 Laura is buried in Section 1, in the cemetery, alongside of her husband, Charles. Her stone is inscribed with "Her children arise up and call her blessed." Laura was said to be a member of Mayflower Descendants and Daughters of the American Revolution.

Charles McQuiston-11455 and Laura Forbes Fitch-11456 had the following children:



Marjory Fitch McQuiston was born in Fort Sherman, Idaho. She has reference number (145-247).



Charles Fitch McQuiston was born in Fort Sheridan, Illinois. He has reference number (146-247).