Fourth Generation

56. Andrew McCuistion30,150 was born in 1772 in Guilford County, North Carolina.151 Name obtained avalue date place152 He owned 200 acres of land on 12 January 1811 in Tennessee.11 Andrew received the grant for land, it joined with James McCuistions land. He served in the military War of 1812.11 It is believed James served in the War of 1812. His brother, Thomas, probably the Captain Thomas McCuistion who led a company of volunteers with General Andrew Jackson in the march of New Orleans. Andrew owned 25 acres of land on 6 March 1815 in Tennessee.11 In the original genealogy, 'He received a grant for 25 acres of land, entered Mar. 6, 1815, assigned by George Gordon, Certificate No. 757, beginning on James McCuistion's line on the point of a hill south of what is called Chestnut Hollow. Signed James McMinn.'

'The deed records shows that Andrew sold his 25 acres Dec 7, 1821, to Patrick Gibbons, signed Andrew McUistian; witnessed by James and William Rankin.' He was presbyterian in 1820 at Hopewell Church in Jefferson County, Tennessee.153 Andrew and Mary withdrew their membership from Hopewell Church in 1827, taking their family to McMinn County, Tennessee. He honorably left the church on 27 March 1827 at Church of New Market in Jefferson County, Tennessee.154 This was evidenced by "demitted on certificate". Name moved place date.11 Name moved place date.153 Andrew died on 24 April 1834 at the age of 62 in Roane County, Tennessee.54,55,151,155,156 The date of death is provided by Andrew's great-great-granddaughter, Hazel. Upon Andrew's death, Mary wrote to her son Thomas:

Tennefsee State Roan County May 8, 1834

Deir Son and Daughter

I Take My pen To Inform you of My Trouble and Distresf on the 24 of April Last your Father Deceast this Life he was taken Sick in the last of January Last and in March he took a getherin in His head and Broak and Run out of Both Ears he then took a Cough and spit up a Considerable quantity Of flame he got weaker and weaker till the 24 of April Last he Deceast and was Beried on The 25 at Esq Longacre My Near and Deir Children it is a trying thing to part with A Companion or at Least to Discribe it is Out of the question
We are all well at present and hoping through the Blessing of all Mighty God thses few Lines will find you all well Robert and his Family is all well and Stanley and Jane Lives Close to me and is all well Rebecca David and Andrew is well and sends their Best Complements to you and yours So no more At present But Remains your affectionate Mother till Death Separates us

Mary McCuistion

To Thomas
and McCuistion

This letter was found in an old bible in Texas in 1985, written over one hundred fifty-one years ago. The letter was written on a single page of paper with the address on the reverse side. The page was then folded and sealed with was. The Address:

To Thomas McCuistion
Matison County
Alabama State
Newmarket P O

Meesville TN
May 4

There is some discussion as to the place of death of Andrew McCuistion; some family members indicate Jefferson County, others Roane County, either way he died in Tennessee. He has reference number RM 10935. LBM 1-388 Andrew was known on occasion to have signed legal documents in Jefferson County, Tennessee as Andrew McUistian.

Andrew McCuistion and Mary Rankin were married on 8 February 1797 in Jefferson County, Tennessee.133,152,157 The listing has the spelling of Andrew's name as "McCuiston", and only identifies his wife as Rankin. Mary Rankin, daughter of Thomas Rankin and Mary Isabel Clendennin, was born in 1774 in Jefferson County, Tennessee.151,158 She honorably left the church on 27 March 1827 at Church of New Market in Jefferson County, Tennessee.154 She died after 1842 at the age of 68 in Meigs County, Tennessee.54,151,153,159 The place of death was provided by Miles McCuistion. Mary lived with her daughter, Rebecca in Meigs County, Mary and Rebecca joined the Bethel Presbyterian Church, in Kingston, Roane County, Tennessee. Mary has reference number RM 10944.

Andrew McCuistion-10935 and Mary Rankin-10944 had the following children:



James McCuistion-26899.



Catherine McCuistion-10945.



Jane McCuistion-10946.



Rebecca B. McCuistion-10948.



Thomas P. McCuistion-4682.



Robert McCuistion-7715.



Mary McCuistion was born in 1812 in Jefferson County, Tennessee.153 She died in 1830 at the age of 18 in McMinn County or Roane County, Tennessee.54 She has reference number RM 10949. LBM 1vi-389



David Rankin McCuistion-10905.



Andrew J. McCuistion-10855.



John Robert McCuistion was born in 1818 in Jefferson County, Tennessee.153 He has reference number (1ix-390).