Sixth Generation

607. Andrew S. McCuistion was born in 1853 in Rhea County, Tennessee.235,958 He appeared in the census on 27 June 1860 in Athens, McMinn County, Tennessee.426 In 1910 he was a Fisherman in Perry County, Tennessee.11,962 Andrew and his family lived on a houseboat. Andrew died in 1918 at the age of 65 in Probably Perry County, Tennessee.54,963 Andrew died as a result of the Spanish flu, during the epidemic of this year.

Judy Moore, great granddaughter of Andrew S. McCuistion interviewed Andrew's son David, who provides the following, "they settled on the West Tennessee banks of the Tennessee River near Clifton, TN, and were there when the flu swept through the area. David said that they were living in a houseboat when his daddy died but had moved to a house and were there when his mother died." He has reference number (19-395).

Andrew S. McCuistion and Martha J. Lodd were married in McMinn County, Tennessee.235,964 Martha J. Lodd (private).

Andrew S. McCuistion-10928 and Martha J. Lodd-10931 had the following children:



John McCuistion was born after 1877.54 He has reference number (19i-396).



Dacie McCuistion-10933.

Andrew S. McCuistion and Jane Hood were married on 12 January 1891 in Rhea County, Tennessee.54,431,963 It was written that "Janie married Andy McCuistion (a fisherman) and left Rhea County on a riverboat on the Tennessee River. Her family did not hear from her again.

They54,431,963 appeared in the census on 29 April 1910 in Perry County, Tennessee.962 Jane Hood, daughter of Rufus Hood and Susan , was born in 1877 in Rhea County, Tennessee.54,965 She died in 1920 at the age of 43 in Probably Perry County, Tennessee.54,963 A second round of the Spanish flu swept through the area, killing Jane. With her death, the "younger children had no real memory of relatives "back home" in Rhea County, Tennessee, and were just farmed out among the older children.

Andrew S. McCuistion-10928 and Jane Hood-10934 had the following children:



Rose "Rosey" McCuistion-12112.



Elijah Melvin "Lige" McCuistion-12110.



Charles Newton McCuiston-12113.



Martha Elizabeth McCuistion-12111.



Lillie McCuistion54 was born about 1903 in Tennessee.962,963 She appeared in the census on 29 April 1910 in Perry County, Tennessee.962 She died about 1995 at the age of 92.



Susie Lee McCuistion-12115.



David McCuistion-12116.



Bige McCuiston-12117.



Dan McCuistion-12118.