Seventh Generation

1517. Harriet Ella "Hattie" McCuistion was born on 12 February 1862 in Rhea County, Tennessee.958,1701,1702 Hattie is listed as Ellen, age five in the 1870 Census for Rhea County, Tennessee. Her birthplace is listed as Tennessee. She died from chronic myocarditis on 8 January 1943 at the age of 80 in Dayton, Rhea County, Tennessee.1701,1702 She was buried on 9 January 1943 at Morgan Cemetery in Dayton, Rhea County, Tennessee.1702 Hattie has reference number RM 10912. LBM 8v-392

Harriet Ella "Hattie" McCuistion and William Elihu Williams were married on 16 June 1883 in Rhea County, Tennessee.958,1701 Harriet and William were married at her parent's home, in the presence of her parents, Miles and Elizabeth McCuistion. They958,1701 appeared in the census on 26 April 1910 at Mountain County Road, R.F.D. 3 in Rhea County, Tennessee.1703 From:
Subject: Question
Date: Fri, 27 May 2011 06:59:00 -0400

Dear Sir,

I am the great grandson of Mr. William Ellihue (Elihue?) Williams as
listed on your web page
I am having a terrible time discovering the identity of his parents
and was wondering if you could perhaps provide me any leads on such.
The only lead I have is the attached photo of a 1900 census form
where he lists the birthplace of his father as North Carolina (line
78). Any help would be greatly appreciated.


Terry Rankhorn
William Elihu Williams was born in 1843 in Rhea County, Tennessee.54,1701 On 26 April 1910 he was a coal miner in Rhea County, Tennessee.1703 He died on 20 August 1929 at the age of 86 in Rhea County, Tennessee.1701 William has reference number RM 10914.

Harriet Ella "Hattie" McCuistion-10912 and William Elihu Williams-10914 had the following children:



William Luther Williams was born on 2 February 1885.1701 He died on 19 July 1885 at the age of 0.1701



James Alfred Williams-12139.



Miles Ulis Williams was born on 3 February 1884 in Tennessee.54,1701,1704 He registered for the military date place1704 He died on 4 January 1965 at the age of 80.1701 Miles has reference number RM 12140.



Johnny B. Williams was born on 29 September 1892.1701 He died on 18 July 1893 at the age of 0.1701



Elizabeth Ellen Williams-12141.



William Paul Williams-12142.



Neatia Mae Williams-12143.



Sytha Bell Williams-12144.



Versie Ella Williams-12145.