First Generation

1. Daniel Thevou was born about 1665 in Schweiz-Europe.1,2 Name lived place date3 He immigrated in 1710 to America.3,4 He was naturalized on 8 September 1713 in Kingston, New York.3 Name lived place date3 Daniel died on 7 January 1717.1 He was a Husbandman and vinedresser (The Palatine).4

Daniel Thevou and Marianne (Delcour) were married before 1700 in probably Switzerland.5 Marianne (Delcour) died before 1710.

Daniel Thevou and Marianne (Delcour) had the following children:



Maria Anna Thevou.



Abraham Devoe.

Daniel Thevou and Maria Barbara Kras Bonn were married in Albany County, New York.3,5 Maria Barbara Kras Bonn (private).